NI Fiscal Council to publish assessment of the NIO's 2022-23 Budget

revised 22 March 2023


The NI Fiscal Council intends to publish The NIO’s 2022-23 Budget for Northern Ireland: an assessment on Tuesday 28 March 2023.

The NIO's 2022-23 Budget for Northern Ireland: an assessment cover page

In January 2022 we published The NI Executive’s Draft Budget 2022-25: an assessment, followed by The NI Executive’s 2022-23 Budget: an update in November 2022. As the 2022-23 Budget position has been set by the NI Office in the absence of an NI Executive we have, in our role as independent assessors of ‘budget balance’, now completed our analysis of the 2022-23 picture by publishing this short paper describing the changes to the funding and spending position for 2022-23 implied by the NIO Budget.

The report will be available on our website at 11am, Tuesday 28 March 2023